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Hi, my name is Bradon, and I am a Special Olympics athlete. I like running with my friends and going to places like Nashville and New Orleans. I also like playing basketball and soccer. I enjoy Special Olympics events like the Christmas & Halloween parties and summer camp where I get to make crafts.

"As parents of a child with special needs, we have found Special Olympics Greater Memphis to be a wonderful organization that has helped our child in embracing a variety of areas of interest. Before Special Olympics, our son Brandon was very quiet and did not have many interests besides sitting in his room and playing video games. He enjoyed family activities; but with working parents, his activity level was not as well-rounded as it could have been.

After a chance encounter with the director of the Special Olympics, Lisa Taylor, Brandon was invited to join the weekly Fitness Club sessions, and the rest is history! Since Brandon’s involvement with the Special Olympics, he has travelled outside of Memphis to take part in different fitness events, met with collegiate and professional athletes, and made many friends all while participating in many different sporting activities.

As a parent, this means a great deal; and as a proponent of fitness, it is encouraging. The volunteers are always kind, welcoming, and enthusiastic. Too few young people are getting the physical exercise needed, and the Special Olympics ensures the well being, safety, and physical fitness needed by all children today. "

- Cedric and Felicia Mills


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February 7

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2015 Polar Bear Plunge & Chili Cook-Off

Saturday, February 7


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